Democratizing Motion Capture with Smartsuit Pro

We are pleased to announce that Sophie Bech, Head of Experiences of the Danish hardware startup Rokoko, will present the company's invention of the motion caption suit Smartsuit Pro and the creators' vision about democratizing motion capture at Picture This_17.

The Smartsuit Pro is a sensor-based wireless mocap bodysuit which records or streams motion to a character in real time. Working without cameras, wires or a studio setup, the idea behind the Smartsuit is to make 3D motion capture technology for film and games accessible and cost-efficient while enabling a natural and precise physical presence in the virtual world.

In the session "The Future of Motion Capture Technology", Sophie Bech will walk the audience through an alternative to traditional visual workflows and explore how they can take their creativity of the leash and therefore work in a more intuitive way. She will demonstrate the technology's potential for creating a natural physical presence in VR and animation and why interaction is so interdependent on body language and personal characteristics - things that can only be captured realistically via full body immersion.

Rokoko is based in Copenhagen and San Francisco. The company's efforts have been recognized and awarded many entrepreneurial and innovation awards, including winning the 2013 Creative Business Cup, becoming the 2014 Regional winner of the World Startup Competition, and most recently the 2016 winner of the Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival Startup Competition.

Learn more about Rokoko and the Smartsuit Pro