Visual collaborations start in prep: On-set Visualization and the Development of Science Fiction Drama "Man Divided"

How can early creative collaborations contribute to technical, economic and creative advantages?

At PICTURE THIS_17, director Max Kestner, cinematographer Rasmus Videbæk and VFX supervisor Martin Madsen will discuss the development of their science fiction drama "Man Divided".

The film takes place in 2059 in a world ravaged by ecological disaster. Building a complex digital environment like that of a post-apocalyptic city of Copenhagen on a total budget of 21 million DKK takes prioritization of effects and bringing in specialists with specific skills and tools at the right time, collaborating in new ways. The three panellists will discuss the technical, economic and creative advantages of bringing together the director, the cinematographer/visual supervisor and the VFX supervisor into the early development stages of a CGI-heavy film project to push the limits of creative teamwork and cinematic storytelling.

The session is followed by previs specialist and CEO and founder of MoCopenhagen Allan O Lückow, who also worked as motion control operator on "Man Divided". He will discuss the practical use of on-set visualisation: the actual showing of mixed media on film sets e.g. live from camera, CGI or pre-recorded backgrounds/foregrounds, storyboard, animations etc. When is it useful, who needs it and why don't we use it all the time?

Visualization engages directors, cinematographers, production designers, visual effects designers, actors and crew through both the technical and creative aspects of production planning - with improved performances, reduced editing pipeline and cost savings as a main benefit. On-set visualization is the part that takes place on the actual film set aiming for continuous visualisation enhancing the end result according to the original ideas.

In his talk, Lückow will take us behind behind the scenes of two Danish on-set visualizations attempts “Kristian” and "Dr. Feelgood" and talk about what the team learned.

"Man Divided" (SF Film Production, 2017). Photo by Christian Geisnæs.

"Man Divided" (SF Film Production, 2017). Photo by Christian Geisnæs.

Mariann Nederby