What Is the Future of Cinematic Storytelling?

Ted Schilowitz, Resident Futurist at Paramount Pictures knows, and we are thrilled to announce him as keynote speaker at PICTURE THIS_18.

Ted Schilowitz' job at Paramount is to predict what will happen just around the corner for the film industry and identify what will be important to moviegoers, by exploring opportunities in cutting edge technologies, especially virtual and augmented reality.

His keynote talk at PICTURE THIS_18, The Augmented Human, focuses on the developments and improvements of our visual technologies. What will our future forms of entertainment look like? And are we ready for the new levels of immersion and intensity that these new formats will provide?

Ted Schilowitz is considered a pioneer throughout the film industry's constant technological evolution. He was founding member of the product development team at RED Digital Cinema, producing ultra-high resolution digital movie cameras. He also is one of the founders and creators of the G-Tech product line of advanced hard-drive storage products implemented worldwide for professional TV and multimedia content creation.

Before joining Paramount, Schilowitz was the Futurist at 20th Century Fox, working on a number of different groundbreaking projects, including the Martian VR Experience, where he worked closely with director Robert Stromberg and executive producer Ridley Scott. As Futurist, Schilowitz has had early access to hardware from all the major VR and AR companies such as Oculus, Magic Leap, Valve and Microsoft, and his deep understanding of both the world of engineers and the world of audiences makes him our perfect guide into the future of film-making and storytelling.

We welcome back award-winning journalist Kate Bulkley As our conference moderator, we welcome back the award-winning journalist and media analyst Kate Bulkley, who will guide us through the talks and debates of the day. Bulkley is based in London and has more than 30 years of experience covering media, technology and telecommunications for national newspapers and specialist publications like The Guardian, Financial Times, The Independent and Broadcast Magazine.


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Mariann Nederby