Story Worlds – "Think as Big as Impossible!"

One of the major trends in filmmaking today is the move towards story world building: Creating an entire world space from which narratives can emerge on several platforms and abandoning the linear work process of the past (starting with the script, then the filming, then the post-production).

The world building approach is more collaborative, more spherical, more interactive. But how is it done? Why? And where to start? Learn from case studies and experts with more than 25 years of experience.

Rebel Nature: Creating the World’s First Sustainable IP

“Think as big as impossible!” is the motto of Christian Faber, a world builder and former art director and partner in the advertising agency Advance. Faber has been working with storytelling and world building for 25 years. At Advance, LEGO was his primary client, and Faber was the driving force behind the creation of the original BIONICLE toy line – LEGO’s first self-produced full-blown IP with a massive fan base around the world. Two years ago, Faber left the advertising world, dedicating himself to his own project: The creation of the "Rebel Nature" IP and the feature film "Waveborn" playing out inside the "Rebel Nature" universe.

To help him bring the IP of "Rebel Nature" and "Waveborn" to life, Christian Faber has founded the production company Goodman Rock and gathered a team of accomplished creative forces, including writer Merlin P. Mann, producer Thomas Lydholm, Jeppe Nygaard Christensen and Martin Gårdeler of internationally renowned visual effects company, Ghost VFX.

At PICTURE THIS_18, Faber will be our tour guide into the world of Rebel Nature and the Waveborn movie, taking place on a robot-controlled oil rig in the middle of an endless ocean in the near future. Faber will be talking about his role as a navigator, his ambition of building the world’s first sustainable IP, the mindful use of our future technologies and that precious moment in the creative process, where the story world comes alive and starts communicating back to its creator.

Story World Development: The Educational Approach

Simon Jon Andreasen, Head of DADIU and the Animation Directors Education at the National Film School of Denmark and Jacob Ion Wille, Associated Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, will be talking about decision-making and methodology in the early stages of story world development for film and television production.

“Story worlds are the visual fictions of the future”, says Jacob Ion Wille. “Story world building challenges the traditional hierarchies of the film set and changes the way we develop ideas and collaborate during movie productions. Story worlds reintroduce ways of working that are more like the theatre and alters the status of the movie script. It’s about something more than new technology. We need to rethink our methods used in the creation of visual fiction and develop new ways of educating the filmmakers of the future.”


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Mariann Nederby