Announcing Full Program and Visualization Expert Daniel Gregoire as Keynote Speaker

Attention directors, producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, production designers, VFX artists, storytellers, filmmakers! PICTURE THIS_19 returns on October 1, with a full day dedicated to the latest developments in Virtual Production, new transformative filmmaking tools, and international networking. The conference takes place at the National Film School of Denmark.


Evolutions in technology are changing the way we develop and produce moving pictures. At PICTURE THIS_19 we have gathered international players at the forefront of the revolution to share their insights on this new world of filmmaking. Alongside the conference, a team of Denmark’s most crafty wizards will be conducting a live experiment using real-time technology, motion capture suits, and virtual cameras, to create a dramatic scene in front of us with live actors.

Meet George Lucas Collaborator Daniel Gregoire

With 20 years of experience and creative leadership in filmmaking, Daniel Gregoire has worked with some of the most exciting motion picture directors in the industry such as J.J. Abrams, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Daniel Gregoire began his career at Lucasfilm and has since worked on several Star Wars titles. He is the founder of Los Angeles based visualization company, Halon Entertainment, that brings together industry-leading directors, supervisors, and artists who are committed to advancing the art of storytelling. At Halon, he oversees high profile projects including Academy Award-winning films "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)", "Avatar", and science fiction film "Ad Astra" premiering in cinemas now. Gregoire has also directed various video game cinematics and serves on the executive board of the BAFTA VR committee.

At PICTURE THIS_19 he will share his first-hand experience with real-time virtual production from a film perspective and demonstrate how these technologies are currently paving the way for a new collaborative workflow, and the creative power it brings to filmmakers.



The Wolf’s Call - Empowering Creatives with Live Technology

Real-time technology brings digital effects out of post-production and on-to the set. Director Antonin Baudry harnessed this creative power in his recent submarine feature "The Wolf’s Call" (2019) and at PICTURE THIS_19 he will share how implementing real-time screen graphics on set, helped both him, the actors and the director of photography tell a complex story.

Democratizing Virtual Production for the Indie Filmmaker Real-time virtual production workflows are no longer an unachievable gold reserved for big Hollywood studios. Join Glassbox Technologies CPO & Co-Founder, Mariana Acuña Acosta, as she breaks down the necessary steps required to democratize real-time virtual production for filmmakers and content creators globally, as well as what different departments in the entertainment industry - from big studios to providers and beyond - can do to bring advances in virtual filmmaking to the masses.

Credit Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

Credit Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

A Filmmaker's Guide to Virtual Humans

Whether it is Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen’s body being scanned and replicated for the video game Death Stranding or a deceased actress being brought back to life on screen for the latest film franchise, we have entered the new frontier of virtual humans for film and entertainment. How does digitization impact production, what does it mean for the actor - and what creative freedom and restrictions do it create for directors and producers?

LA producer Drew Diamond will discuss how productions can work with digital actors on varying levels of budget through case studies from his prior work in film and VR focused on the creative freedom to be gained and new frontiers to be pushed as this technology becomes more accessible (and most importantly affordable) for storytellers across different mediums.

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